Distributed Disinformation Defense, with Sara-Jayne Terp

Disinformation is affecting our every-day lives. In 2016, we discussed disinformation campaigns in terms of the impact on the US election. In just 4 years, misinformation has evolved to the point where it is now being used by a spectrum of threat-actors from activists to nation states, who routinely use cybercraft as a preferred approach. This talk discusses that evolution and the work of the CogSecCollab and CTI-League Disinformation team on the front-lines of disinformation defence.

SJ builds frameworks to improve how autonomous systems, algorithms and human communities work together. As Bodacea Light Industries founder, she creates processes and technologies to support community-led disinformation defence. She’s a senior fellow at the Atlantic Council, chairs CogSecCollab (formerly MisinfoSec), leads the CTI League Disinformation team, and chairs machine learning in infosec work through the CAMLIS and Defcon AI Village communities. Her background includes intelligence systems, crowdsourced data gathering, autonomous systems (especially in how they team with humans), data strategy, policy and ethics, especially as it applies to nation state development and crises.