The Life & Times of a Digital Practitioner, with Jono Brandel

Note: It finally happened, we got zoom bombed! At about 6 minutes into the talk you’ll experience an edited version of the chaos.

The twenty-first century career landscape for digital practitioners is a constantly evolving space. The opportunity to work with corporations, to research in academic institutions, to freelance, and to stir your own patronage are some of the many possible career paths in front of you. Join new media artist Jono Brandel as he candidly reflects on projects that mark a ten year period filled with relationships in Silicon Valley, open source software, the music industry, and the arts. Along the way, this talk will touch on personal and creative impacts, both positive and negative, that the internet has had. The experiences lived through the creation of internet based projects construct a still forming perspective on emerging technology like web3, blockchain, and cryptocurrencies.

Jono Brandel is a new media artist of mixed heritage, an American of Filipino and Polish descent. His work pairs distinct subjects to frame the creative process. Combinations include latin to emojis, historical oil paintings to recognized keywords, and music to moving images. Using technology to connect different cultural artifacts creates serendipity in the understanding of both the culture and the technology bridging it. He is currently a member of NEW INC, the New Museum’s art, design, and technology incubator. With support from the Knight Foundation his membership focus is called Cultural Futures, which ruminates on the question, “What comes first: culture or the technology through which we perceive it?”.