Internet Studies Lecture Series

The Internet Studies Center (ISC) aims to foster the interdisciplinary study and design of digital technology. The ISC lecture series presents leading scholars and practitioners whose work challenges and extends our understanding of digital technology and its place in the world.


The Software Arts, with Warren Sack
Agonism & Activism: community organizing in datafied worlds, with Roderic Crooks
Digital Feudalism & the Key Technology Battles, with Sascha Meinrath
Appropriate Architecture, with Jeff Burke
Meaningful Inefficiencies: Civic Design…, with Gabriel Mugar
Edinburgh Culture & Communities Mapping Project, with Morgan Currie
Distributed Disinformation Defense, with Sara-Jayne Terp
Public Interest Technology and ‘Smart’ Regulations, with Bruce Schneier
Prototype Nation: China & the Contested Promise of Innovation, with Silvia Lindtner
Seamful Civics, with Carl DiSalvo
Reframing the Questions of Ethics in AI and Data Analytics, with Paul Dourish
Technological Refusal: Reflections on developing a politics of computing, with Dr Seeta Peña Gangadharan
Small is Beautiful: Telecommunications as if people mattered, with Steve Song
The Life & Times of a Digital Practitioner, with Jono Brandel
Rooted in Community: The Equitable Internet Initiative, with Janice Gates
Native Creatives and the Digital Intrusion, with Miranda Belarde-Lewis
Togethernet: Programming Culture, Building Consent, with Xin Xin
What is Digital? with Robin Boast